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Our mission is to provide a quality, reliable, and professional Home Rekey Service.  Whether you just bought a new home, lost your keys or  just not sure about who has a copy, The Home Rekey Company can help!  Let us be your premier home rekey service providers.

What is a "DIRTY KEY" and Do You Have One?

A dirty key is the key you were handed when you took possession of a property. A key that you have no idea how many copies have been made or who has those copies and access to your property. How many people have touched and have their hands on your house key?

Get a clean key, call us today!

If you just bought a new home, congratulations! Its an exciting time and a big investment. Help secure your investment by changing the keys to the locks. make certain no one else has a copy.

No one likes that feeling of having lost or stolen keys.  The uncertainty of where they could be or who could have them.  Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve.

Keys have been duplicated for ages, How many copies of yours are out there? Or perhaps you have to use separate keys for different locks on the same house. Find out how to reduce it to just one.

One challenge with changing renters is getting ALL the keys back from previous tenants. Give the new tenants the security they need. 

Rekeying a lock is the art of breaking a lock down all the way to the cylinder.  The locksmith will then remove the pins that are associated with the current key that operates the lock.  Then new pins are installed into the cylinder to match up with the cuts on a new key.  The lock is then put back together and reinstalled on your door.  The new key will now operate the lock and the previous key will not.

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