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The Home Rekey Service

The Home Rekey Company prides itself on offering our customers the very best lock and key changing service in the area.  For whatever the reason, call us or schedule online to have the locks to your home rekeyed today.

When you schedule an appointment, a professional, well trained locksmith will come out and remove the old key so it no longer works and add a new key so you have the only one that works your locks.

The Rekey package includes:

-Rekey of up to 5 cylinders (not doors)

-Up to four copies of the new key

-Service call fee

Additional cylinders and keys can be added if needed.  Note some doors have more than one cylinder.  Example a deadbolt and a knob lock on a single door. Count the cylinders not the doors.  Wherever a key goes is a cylinder.  Keep in mind also that different manufactures locks have different key blanks and can't fit into each other.  Try to put the same key in each lock to see if it fits.  If not , we can solve that for you too.  Most service calls should be completed with in 2 hours.

In some situations master keying is needed.  Ask if master keying your locks is right for you!

we are only a phone call away

(913) 244-7632
​to schedule an appointment
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